Creating a Three Dimensional Sculpture

Sculptors are artists that work in a variety of mediums. Wood, stone, clay and metal are four of the most popular. Many artists make a rough drawing of their finished piece before they begin. This helps them to get all the details correct. Spacing and size are very important when creating a three-dimensional representation. If the artist does not get the size and spacing done correctly, the perspective will be off in the finished work.

Artists that create in two dimensions use a variety of methods to create perspective in their pieces. When working with three dimensions, artists have only size and spacing to show viewers the perspective. It may seem easier to show perspective in three dimensions, but it is more difficult than many realize. Each piece must be the proper size and shape to give a true perspective to the work. If the artist does not take this step, the work will generally not be successful.

Size is the most important factor when creating a three-dimensional piece of art work. A sculptor that has a figure’s head too small will lose the reality of their creation. Rather than looking like the representation of a person, it will be viewed as a monster. If the artist is creating a scene with several figures, each must be proportional to their part of the finished work. A figure in back cannot be larger than one in front unless they are supposed to be a physically bigger representation.

It takes planning to get perspective correct in any form of art. Artists that take the time to work out their sizes and spacing before beginning will find their job much easier as the work progresses. Those that do not work out their dimensions properly will end up with a piece that must be redone or scrapped.